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Dumpsters Rentals services
  • Why am I being charged extra weight for shingles?
    Shingles are heavy! We feel comfortable estimating 225# per square of shingles being torn off. Often times we are pretty close. Of course, it depends on the age of the shingles and what else is thrown into the dumpster. Don't forget to give us the correct number of layers you are tearing off. Anything over the dumpster weight limit is billed at $60 per ton.
  • Why do I have to pay for extra weight because of rain or snow?
    We can't control the weather, however some of our dumpsters have weep holes in them to help drain water out. When the load is picked up, the steep angle also helps drain water out. Some materials that you put into a dumpster will absorb water, which we can't control either. You may cover the dumpster with a tarp to help prevent water absorption.
  • Why can't I mix brush and leaves with the other items I want to get rid of?
    Since March 1995, yard clippings and yard waste (including brush and other organic waste) has been banned from the landfill. We can bring a dumpster just for yard waste and we'll bring it to a local recycler. Some cities and townships also provide yard waste drop-off locations or scheduled curbside pick up service. Another alternative is to compost the materials.
  • Why did I get charged extra for some items I put into the dumpster?
    There are a couple of items that we get charged separately for at the landfill and these costs are passed on to our customers. Whole tires on the rim are $11 each and whole tires off the rim are $6 each, appliances are $25 each, mattresses and box springs are $20 each. These extra charges are listed on our rates page, too.
  • Do the dumpsters have a door that I can open?
    Yes, all of our dumpsters have a swinging door that is the full width of the dumpster- 8' wide. (As you face the back of the dumpster, it swings from right to left or the hinge is on the passenger side when it sits on the truck.) You may open the door to start loading the dumpster. Heavy items can be brought through the back door easier than trying to lift them over the side.
  • How many pounds in a ton?
    Fair question. There are 2,000 pounds in a ton.
  • I have a lot of bricks or concrete to get rid of, can you help with that?"
    We can deliver a dumpster just for bricks or concrete. We charge a transport fee and can usually dispose of it for no charge, as long as it doesn't have other things mixed in. Our trucks can only carry so much weight, so the largest container we will bring out is a 15 yard and it can only be filled 1/2 to 2/3 of the way.
  • Can I rent a dumpster if I don't live in the Grand Rapids area?
    Certainly! We deliver within a 30 mile radius of our yard in Byron Center for no additional charge.
  • How much will fit in the bed of a pickup truck?
    If you want to compare pick up loads to dumpster size, here's the number. A full size pickup truck box that is level full will hold approximately 2 1/2 yards.
  • Can I put insulation in a dumpster?
    There is a very high tonnage fee at the landfill to dispose of loose insulation, please do not put it in our dumpsters. If you have loose insulation, it must be bagged before it goes into the dumpster.
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