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Dumpsters Services

In the late 1990’s, as townships began to ban the burning of debris on residential construction sites, builders were faced with a new challenge. Most of them loaded the debris in the back of their pickup trucks and made multiple trips to the landfill for their waste disposal, where each load had to be unloaded by hand.

Kevin was one of these builders. He had an idea that saved him the hassle of handling all this debris twice and kept him from frequent waste disposal trips to the landfill. He purchased a small box truck, removed the box, had a hook lift arm installed and purchased two dumpsters.

As the dumpsters were efficiently handling his construction debris, other builders began to notice and asked if a dumpster could be set on their job sites as well. Kevin soon had another challenge - there were no longer any dumpsters available for his own job sites! So, after purchasing more dumpsters and eventually hiring a part-time driver, a new company was underway.

Service was so important to Kevin, he wanted to include it in the company name. Over 20 years later, Kevin still owns Construction Refuse Service and is involved in its day to day operations. Because of our focus on great service, knowledgeable staff, experienced drivers, and great rates we still have a large customer base of builders and also many loyal and new customers who call us every day for residential and commercial projects. Whether you need construction waste disposal, have a household clean-up project, require junk removal or need a portable restroom delivery, give us a try. We’d like to be your dumpster rental company!

Call 1-616-583-0611 for:

Waste Removal

Household Clean-Ups

Trash Removal / Trash Hauling

Garage Clean-Outs

Yard Waste Hauling

Junk Removal

Shingle Tear-Offs / Roofing Projects



Concrete Tear-Outs

SkyTrak Transporting

Portable Restroom Delivery

Residential Construction

Commercial Construction

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