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A note about yard waste, concrete, dirt, sod and hazardous waste

Most things can go into our dumpsters - household trash, construction debris, remodeling waste, unwanted junk in the basement or garage, etc. We don't however, accept yard waste mixed with trash. Yard waste can be disposed of separately in any of our dumpsters and is hauled to a local company where it is shredded for compost. Large amounts of concrete or bricks cannot be mixed with trash either. Concrete can be placed in our 15 yard dumpsters and filled 1/2 to 2/3 full. (Dumpsters of concrete that exceed 2/3 full become too heavy and our trucks can't pick them up.) Concrete is brought to a local recycling facility where it becomes crushed concrete.

Can we haul dirt and sod? No, these loads typically would be too heavy for us and we have no where to dump this material. A local excavator should be able to help you.

What about hazardous waste? No, it can't go into the dumpster to be disposed of at the landfill. So what is considered hazardous waste? All lawn and household chemicals and cleaning products, automotive waste (cleaning products, brake fluid, motor oil, etc.) medical waste, toxic substances, oil based paint, etc. Latex paint is acceptable if it is dried up, using kitty litter or sawdust can help with that. Contact your county for collection locations, dates and times for disposal of hazardous waste.

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