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Carl Kikstra

Carl Kikstra (08/27/1946- 05/10/2019) Today we honor a special person who has been more than just a co-worker. We received the news Saturday morning that Carl passed away Friday night, May 10. Carl worked with us from June of 2008 to December 2015. Carl primary drove truck, but on a few occasions helped in the office taking calls from customers and dispatching our other drivers. Carl was more than just a co-worker, he was a friend, too. But most importantly, Carl loved Jesus. Physical limitations prevented him from working as long as he would have liked to, but Carl wasn't negative nor did he complain about his situation. Carl was always optimistic and was always content in all of life's circumstances. We don't say "good-bye" to Carl today, we say "see you later". As believers in Carl's Jesus we will see him in heaven some day.


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